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Specialized in Timelapse, 360, Drone, and video production, projects of all shapes and sizes.

Time Lapse Cameras

Time Lapse Camera captured images with 24 mega pixel cameras.

4G LTE/Wifi

Time lapse photos captured by cameras uploaded to the cloud via 4G LTE/Wifi.

Solar Powered

Our equipment is solar powered which means no power outrages and harmless for environment.

Weather Proof

Our equipment is all weather proof and operate in swear UAE weather.

Professional Editing

Our team is professional in editing your video.


State of the Art customized latest equipments & gadgets

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Solution to the Construction Site

  • Communicate effectively during the project with the different project counterparts
  • Showcase the project with a High-Quality Time-Lapse Video (4K) and increase commitment to the project
  • Be transparent and part of the community
  • Supervise the construction site remotely
  • Prevent risk situation and provide tangible evidence of progress project

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We Use Latest Technology equipment for Recording

Time Lapse Company offers one of the most unique and latest equipments for recording time-lapse videos, 360 degree VR tour, and drone videos. In time lapse videos, our equipment is customizable and fit for every kind of project.

High Quality, Great Value, Reliable 4K Quality,
Cloud Based Timelapse Solutions

Our Services

We provide these services at competitive prices and also provide cost-cutting solutions.

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Time Lapse

Time Lapse service is the core service provided by our company. It can take a lot of pictures with stationary cameras and combine them into a 1 or 2-minute video.

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360 Virtual Tour

360 degree view of a construction site or a place is a new trend in the market. People want to make 360 degree view of their product for marketing purposes.

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Drone Shoot

Need a drone to capture the breathtaking view of your property? Do you want to capture aerial video or images of your media event? We provide drone solutions for every business. Simply give us a call and we are ready to fly within hours. 


Why People Trust Us

Stunning Videos through Years of Experience

Welcome to the Timelapse Company. We offer full-service solutions for Timelapse, Hyperlapse, 360 virtual tours, marketing style videos, and project monitoring for projects of all sizes from different industries. Our services include:

  • Long Term Timelapse Video Production
  • Image Documentation & Archival
  • Remote Monitoring,
    Construction and Building Videos & More.

Our Solutions are available all over the Middle East.

Timelapse & Hyperlapse

Our construction timelapse captures the live moment that’s watched, managed and looked after.

Remote Site Monitoring

View the site from the comfort of your office at any device with our professional client cloud platform makes your life easy

Project Documentation

Easily compare, zoom or view the images and visualize the project online which is great for detailed project documentation.

Video Production

We are providing 360 View of the building while flying drone as well to capture the most of your project to present you with high quality marketing videos.

Latest Projects & Samples

We share the inspiring story of the progress you’ve made through an impressively breathtaking time-lapse video. Below are some of the highlights about our recent projects and samples.

Capture Every Passing Moment at A High Speed

We have developed innovative and affordable Camera Systems for use in the construction, tourism, and entertainment industries. Our team has developed a world class software and hardware solution to create ease for our clients.

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