It really feels like VR has the possibility to be something really huge

360 Degree Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, made by joining a sequence of videos or still images. It may also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, subtitles, etc. A 360 degree virtual tour is an immersive technology that places the viewers inside the image and allows them to capture virtual data of that place. Virtual Tours can also be defined as creating simulations of a particular place based on unbroken images and panoramas.  

In the early days of this technology, it is quite expensive for photographers to capture panoramic images but today, promising the best future, most of the industries adopted 360 degree virtual photography rather than standard photography.

Impact on Audience

Several studies show that the emotional response of 360 degree virtual tour users is much stronger than that of people who use classical images. A survey conducted by Greenlight VR shows that 71% of people believed that those sectors who use VR technology are “more advance and futuristic”.

Technological Revolution

360 Virtual Tour technology is in the early stages of development but progress is in this technology much relentless. Most of the cameras are capable of taking panoramic views by taking spherical images with two wide-angle cameras and merge them.

360 degree Virtual Tour in Real Estate

Real Estate sector growing rapidly in the last decade. Most real estate companies contact agents for selling their properties. Agents have a list of a lot of properties and they show them to clients. This process is very lengthy and time-consuming both for clients and real estate agents.

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 44% of people use the internet for property searches. In this way, technology can change the perspective of the real estate industry which is known as “Virtual Tour”. It can make it easy for agents as they can communicate with their clients easily and in an effective way. 

Virtual Property Showcase

Typically clients visit multiple properties and then choose one from them. This process is very complicated and time-consuming. VR technology makes life easy for people who want to visit properties. They can experience 3D virtual walk-in through properties. In this way, clients can visit a lot of properties and choose one of them easily. 

There are two types of 360 degree real estate videos:

  • Guided Visits
  • Interactive Visits

Guided Visits

Guided visits are the form of 360 degree video and considered as part of VR. This is used for those properties that are completed. Guided visits can be used for making promotional videos. These types of virtual tours can be made easily and just require a panoramic camera for capturing the view.

Interactive Visits

Interactive visits can allow users to walk in through the property virtually. Creating these kinds of tours is more complicated but these tours are more attractive than guided tours so you can display properties more effectively and efficiently.


360 Virtual Tour has many benefits. Some of them are given below:

1. Save Time

This is the biggest benefit of VR. people can take tours sitting in homes on mobile phones or PCs. In the real estate sector, people often visit more properties than that visit physically by using 360 degree house tour video. VR technology assures that all places are opened 24/7 and people can visit them any time anywhere in the world.

2. Builds Emotional Connection

Virtual tours allow people to visit places virtually and visualized very keenly. Unlike a traditional visit in which everyone is in hurry. People select the time which they prefer and pay attention to every detail. This thing connects people emotionally with places and engages them more efficiently than traditional images.

3. Offers Global Reach

In the real estate sector, arranging visits for properties, negotiating prices and terms manually is quite hectic for real estate agents. Similarly, in the tourism sector, detail about the place of visit or hotel in which you are staying search manually is quite time-consuming. VR technology change this perspective. Whether your client lives away or in any place in the world, you can reach them and connect them virtually. In this way, more audiences engage with you.

4. Saves Money

Investment in VR technology seems to be expensive. As you know that taking pictures manually and print a lot of photos is also more expensive and difficult. 360 VR technology is a one-time investment. It just requires a panoramic camera and some small tools to create a virtual tour.