I am in love with something beautiful, this is called "Aviation"


Aviation Industry proliferates in the past decade. People prefer air travel for long-distance. The three world-leading airlines are belonging to the GCC region. The United Arab Emirates is the home of two leading airlines, i.e., Emirates and Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways’ hub is situated in Abu Dhabi, and Emirates’ hu is located in Dubai. The third airline belongs to Qatar, i.e., Qatar Airways, which hub is located in Doha. These three airlines provide premium services to their customers in all classes.

Time Lapse In Aviation

In the aviation industry, time-lapse videos are used for two purposes:
  1. Construction 
  2. Marketing
In construction, we can offer services in aviation-related things like runways, aprons, terminal buildings, etc. In marketing-related time-lapse, most of the videos are related to marketing purposes, different activities perform at airports, etc.  
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Time Lapse in Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is one of the interesting, sophisticated, and secure industries in the world. People feel excited when they see an airplane fly over them. How time lapse videos of aviation industry can be utilized, can be as follow:

01. Aircraft Assembling

Most of the aircraft undergo heavy maintenance in which each and every part of the aircraft can be examined. So after examination, the parts are reassembled on aircraft. The video of assembling aircraft has a good gesture about the safety of an airline company. 

02. Boarding on airplane

Boarding on an airplane is a fabulous experience for passengers and an airline. You can show your passenger’s strength how they trust your organization for travelling.

03. Flight Preperation

Flight preparation is an essential part of flying an aircraft. ground staff can check the whole aircraft before flight such as check essential things, adding fuel, place meals in galleys, and many other things. A time lapse video can show a strong message to the audience that they are in safe hands and also they know about how flight preparation is important.