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Construction Industry in UAE

In the past ten years, the construction industry proliferates in UAE, especially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. According to the research data and predictions, this industry expands 3.8% between 2022 to 2025. The government of Dubai can also play an essential role in the construction sector in which they ease the by-laws for construction, which can boost up this sector. That’s why the importance of time lapse construction video gains much importance.

Time Lapse In Construction Sector

According to the rules and regulations of the Government of UAE and the main Emirates of UAE, i.e., Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, time lapse construction video is compulsory for every kind of construction project. It is the most essential and vital requirement for government authorities to ensure safety, security, and documentation.  The primary purpose of time-lapse is written as follow:

  • Marketing
  • Documentation
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Safety
time lapse construction video

Time Lapse videos in Construction

The main reason for the time lapse videos in construction sectors are as follow:

01. Documentation

With the help of the Time Lapse construction video, you can record the overall progress of your project.

02. Marketing

Time Lapse construction video is often used for marketing purposes. You can market your project by presenting it in the form of a stunning video.

03. Safety

Time Lapse construction cameras can provide you extra security features. You can monitor your project safety and security 24/7 by live streaming.

Why Time Lapse Company In Construction Sector?

Time Lapse Company provides state-of-the-art time-lapse services in Dubai. We offer you the best exposure to the latest technology. Our customizable gears can fit every kind of construction site and cover every angle of the project. Our innovative process gives you a unique experience which is as follow:

  • Deciding the requirements for the installation of camera and mounting equipment
  • Quality control of the image daily
  • Setting schedules for capturing photos for the camera
  • Using remote time lapse units
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Finding the best angle for cameras for the time lapse videos
  • Monitoring all sorts of  construction projects
  • Storage of data
  • Getting all legal documents like permits for the decommission and installation

24/7 Construction Site Monitoring

The live 24/7 monitoring satisfies our clients’ security and safety requirements of the construction site, which means aiming at two points with one arrow.

Customized Interval Between Photos

With Time Lapse Company, we can customize your photos according to your requirements. We can adjust the intervals between photos, what time of the day they are taken, and edit any time for you according to your schedule. We give you total control over your time lapse construction project.

How Time Lapse Construction Video Help Construction Companies in Marketing?

In this section of the article, we will discuss different ways how you can use a time lapse construction video to contribute to the marketing strategy of your construction company. 

1. Enriched Social Media Content

The importance of social media is undebatable regardless of which industry you are from. It is one of the greatest ways for you to reach your potential customers and engage them. 

To shine out on social media, you need to make sure that you do not become just another part of the noise out there. To create your unique identity, you need to create content that is not only visually appealing but also relevant to your niche. 

For a construction business, the increased use of HD construction time lapse cameras has made it very easy to generate enrich visual content for your business. 

You can use special equipment to produce time lapse construction video along with other types of visual content throughout the lifespan of your project. 

Construction time lapse video is engaging and you can use these videos on social media to get more attention from your potential customers. 

2. Increase Conversion Rate

Using a time lapse construction video on your loading page can increase your conversion page by up to 80%. 30% of the top landing pages are already using video content on their landing pages. 

The following stats show how incorporating a time lapse construction video can help a construction business increase its conversion rate. 

  • Showcase different videos or a collage of videos showcasing various projects
  • Include a call to action button at the end of every video
  • You can add a live feed to your landing page to get a competitive advantage

3. Enhanced Project Bidding

Time lapse construction video helps you demonstrate how skillful your team is and how effective are your team members in overcoming specific issues during a project while putting their all efforts to deliver their best under all circumstances. 

You can produce time lapse construction video from your different past projects. Use the time lapse construction video to highlight the issues your team faced back then and how effectively they handled the situation by tackling the issue. 

Such projects of your company can speak louder on your behalf about your capabilities than anything else. 

4. Engage the Community

As a construction business, sometimes you may need to engage the community or the stakeholders of a certain project in the construction process. One of the best and cost-effective ways to do this is to live-stream the construction process. It allows others to monitor the whole process without visiting the site physically. 

To make things smooth, you can create a dedicated web page where the community can monitor the process and get engaged with you. Embed the live feed from your construction cameras for the public. 

You can then share a link with the stakeholders where they can get the latest updates about the project in real-time. You can also create multiple time-lapse videos using the footage of the construction site for an overview. 

After the project is completed, you can easily repurpose the page videos for future use for your business. 

5. Statement of Qualification

Every business needs to have a good strategy for relationship marketing to win new business opportunities. In the past few years, this part of the marketing strategy has also become digital. 

Visuals are helpful in connecting with the needs of your potential customers. You can use a virtual statement of qualification to impress your prospects. These include audio and videos. A time lapse construction video is an effective way to show your prospects that your company is efficient enough to help them with any relevant issue. 

You can use these videos and provide a walkthrough to your past successful projects, share testimonials from your satisfied customers, and let them connect with your leadership. 

Our Equipment

With the latest technology and innovation, we made our equipment customizable and fit for every construction project. Our kit includes wide-angle time lapse cameras for construction and drones, giving you a unique exposure and covering every detail. One of the special features of our equipment is that it can be powered by a solar panel which can make it independent from the primary power source. In this way, our equipment is environmentally friendly and has no carbon footprint. 

The capabilities of a time lapse construction video have reached far beyond the previous technology. These days, construction companies produce cutting-edge time lapse videos by using high technology equipment.