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Event Time Lapse

Dubai is a city full of events and exhibitions. Most of the companies design their arenas in different types of exhibitions. Most of the companies want time-lapse videos to cover their stalls in presentations and cover the whole event in just a short time.

Time Lapse For Events

Time Lapse company provides leading time lapse video services for events and exhibitions. We offer the best services at affordable prices. We have customizable and state-of-the-art equipment which covers every angle of your event.

The most common uses of event time-lapse are for marketing purposes. You can make your event video and market it with confidence. We make sure that your time-lapse video is high quality and made you satisfy.


Dubai is the hub of renowned International Companies. Most of the exhibitions are held here due to accessibility and easy visa policies. One of the Largest exhibitions is Expo 2020, in which every type of company can participate. Most companies use time-lapse videos for marketing purposes. They establish arenas in different international exhibitions where customers can negotiate directly with companies.
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Great Visual Material for Event Management Companies

Dubai is a home of exhibitions and international events. Global Village and Expo 2020 are one of the focusing events in UAE. Here some reasons you want to invest in event time lapse:

01. Event Setup Time Lapse Video

Event setup is an enjoyable job. You can set and decorate stalls in an unique concept and depict in time lapse video.

02. Time Lapse People Registration for the Event

Most of the exciting events require a registration process to enter the event. People want to go through the registration process. You can show the interest of people in your event by showing a time lapse video that how much people are interested in your event.

03. Time Lapse Wrapping Up the Event

After the event end, you can wrap up all the things. For example, you can arrange an exhibition in an expo hall, you can show your audience how you set up the stalls and decorate the hall, and after the exhibition, how you wrap up the event.

Why Time Lapse Company

We are Dubai based company that delivers its services with complete expertise. With customizable gears, we capture every angle and every aspect of the event. Our team works with full passion, and no work can be outsourced.  The core strength of our company is “Client Satisfaction.” So where you waiting for.