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Food & Restaurant

The Middle East region is rich in culture and food. Their cuisine is one of the renowned cuisines in the world. The United Arab Emirates has a rich cuisine originating from Persia, Ottoman Empire, and Central Asia. On the other hand, UAE is the second home of many nations like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. While traveling through UAE, you can change your taste buds with delicious food originating from these regions.

Time Lapse In Food & Restaurant

Food time lapse video is primarily used in this industry for marketing purposes. Food preparation is an essential part of the presentation of cuisine. Most of the restaurants can take our services with complete satisfaction.

Food & Time Lapse' Great Marketing Material

The United Arab Emirates has a rich variety of food items. Also, it is home to 150 Foreign nations. You can try food time lapse videos for these reasons:

01. Showcase Food Making Process

You can show your audience a food time lapse preparation video in which the chef is making food and the flare of fires can give your eyes an immense experience.

02. Restaurant Opening & Cleaning Process

Restaurant opening is a quite fabulous experience for foodies. Many people want to try a new restaurant for a new taste. Restaurant cleaning is also a vital part of service. You can show your customers how much your restaurant is clean.

03. Show Rush Hours

Every restaurant has its own peak time sales hours. Most of the peak time is in the evening. Rush hour videos can make a good impact on people.

Why Time Lapse Company?

Time Lapse Company provides state-of-the-art time-lapse services in Dubai. We offer you the best exposure to the latest technology. Our customizable gears can fit every kind of construction site and cover every angle of the project. Our innovative process gives you a unique experience which is as follow:
  • Deciding the requirements for the installation of camera and mounting equipment
  • Quality control of the image daily
  • Setting schedules for capturing photos for the camera
  • Using remote time-lapse units
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Finding the best angle for cameras for the time-lapse videos
  • Monitoring all sorts of construction projects
  • Storage of data
  • Getting all legal documents like permits for the decommission and installation

Our Equipment

With the latest technology and innovation, we made our equipment customizable and fit for every project. Our kit includes wide-angle cameras and drones, giving you a unique exposure and covering every detail. One of the special features of our equipment is that it can be powered by a solar panel which can make it independent from the primary power source. In this way, our equipment is environmentally friendly and no carbon footprint.