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Interior Exterior

Interior and Exterior Designing is an essential part of the construction process. This is the most important and sophisticated part of the design process. Designers can apply their minds and design with passion. Every single detail has its meaning in construction.Arab World, especially the Middle East, has a rich culture of architecture. Most of the architecture was derived from Pre-Islamic, Ottoman, and Persia (present Iran). Many Mosques and other projects can depict these architectures like Shiekh Zaid Mosque, Burj al Arab, Palm the Atlantis, Abu Dhabi Palace are notable examples.

Interior Exterior Time Lapse

To cover every detail of designing and tell the story of creating the fabulous interior, you need a video for this. We provide top-notch interior design time lapse services and exterior design time lapse services in UAE with unique and customizable equipment. They cover every detail of your design and the story behind your concept. 

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Time Lapse in Interior Exterior Design

Interior and exterior designing is an important part of the construction process. Many construction companies focus on interior designing in order to depict the finest picture of their project.

01. Cover every single detail

Our time lapse cameras cover every single detail of the interior and exterior design. You can record every single aspect of your project. 

02. Marketing

Time lapse videos can be used to market the project in an innovative way. We offer one of the best editing services for time lapse videos to convert them in best marketing tool for you.

Why Time Lapse Company?

Time Lapse Company offers cutting-edge time lapse services in Dubai. We provide you the most advanced technological exposure. All construction sites can be customized to our gears, and they can cover all project angles. Our revolutionary technique provides you with a unique experience:

Our Equipment

With the latest technology and innovation, we made our equipment customizable and fit for every project. Our kit includes wide-angle cameras and drones, giving you a unique exposure and covering every detail. One of the special features of our equipment is that it can be powered by a solar panel which can make it independent from the primary power source. In this way, our equipment is environmentally friendly and no carbon footprint. 

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