Business Sectors

Time Lapse Company is a Dubai-based videography company in UAE. We provide our services in all these mentioned sectors. We shoot time lapse videos, drone videography, and 360 degrees VR.

We like to work with enthusiastic people, engage in the creative process, and create unforgettable, lively videos.


In the past ten years, the construction industry proliferates in UAE, especially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. According to the research data and predictions, this industry expands 3.8% between 2022 to 2025. 

Interior Exterior

Interior and Exterior Designing is an essential part of the construction process. This is the most important and sophisticated part of the design process. Designers can apply their minds and design with passion. 

Food & Restaurant

The Middle East region is rich in culture and food. Their cuisine is one of the renowned cuisines in the world. The United Arab Emirates has a rich cuisine originating from Persia, Ottoman Empire, and Central Asia.

Events and Exhibitions

Dubai is a city full of events and exhibitions. Most of the companies design their arenas in different types of exhibitions. Most of the companies want time-lapse videos to cover their stalls in presentations and cover the whole event in just a short time.


Aviation Industry proliferates in the past decade. People prefer air travel for long-distance. The three world-leading airlines are belonging to the GCC region. The United Arab Emirates is the home of two leading airlines, i.e., Emirates and Etihad Airways.