Time Lapse Company brings one of the best services for our customers. The latest addition to our services is Timelapse video, Drone, and 360 Degree Virtual Tour. 

We are eager to work in different environments! If your organization needs these services, we make them incredible for you. We have what it takes and experience to enable you to circulate around the web.

Time Lapse

Over a long period, the camera takes a large number of photographs of a certain location. The images are then digitally accelerated to create a video. In Dubai, the Time Lapse Company offers time lapse services to a variety of businesses.


Everyone appears to be getting into drone videography, From the development of Drone Videography in Dubai to outlandish gaming stars to ordinary people, people are utilizing automatons to capture mind-boggling video content that leaves the audience stunned and retained.

360 Degree Virtual Tour

 A virtual tour is an immersive technology that places the viewers inside the image and allows them to capture virtual data of that place. Virtual Tours can also be defined as creating simulations of a particular place based on unbroken images and panoramas.

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Our Process

Engage Your Audience Like Never Before Through Our Stunning Method

With time lapse video, you can able to showcase your company’s project and services to your audience. Our process delivers excellent service to you in order to engage your audience.

01. Understand Objectives

First of all, we gathered information about the project. After this, we set goals and make a road map about them such as how to complete the project and what are the specific requirements of the project.

02. Study Source Material

This is the most important stage. We must read about the project and about industry protocols and procedures. every industry has its own rules and regulations so we can study that how can we work on this project under specific circumstances.

03. Create Concept

After studying the project and the environment of the project, our team creates a unique concept for making the video. We discuss new trends in the industry and create a masterpiece for your organization.

04. Write Script

The script is the essence of video production. No video production is successful until a good script is written for it. Our team writes a good and creative piece of the script with solid storytelling.

05. Film Animate

At this stage, we gather all the things and bring them on the screen for you and your audience.

06. Post Production

After the recording of the video, our expert team edit the video according to the requirement and edit the video professionally and passionately.

07. Deliver

After all these processes, we deliver final product to our client digitally.